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My newsletter is Sisters and Friends: Refresh Your Soul with Melanie Rigney, and you can read about the latest issue, download it, or subscribe from this page. Each month, I'll share something about a Catholic saint and woman living today who will inspire you, spiritual resources, and a brief note of where I'll be in the coming month.


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This month in Sisters & Friends:

I'm torn about autumn. There's plenty about autumn to love and plenty to dislike. Autumn demands balance. Jerusalem artichokes weight it toward joy.

Saints Rose of Lima and Martin de Porres are riding in the caboose (if you're not of a certain age, look it up) of my stories of sainted men and women working together. Saint Rose did not take compliments well. Rather than be distracted by her own perceived beauty, she vandalized it. That might make her a bit hard for us to relate to, but it didn't stand in Martin's way. He shared Rose's mysticism and vocation. This month's newsletter isn't a tabloid, but it does contain a sensational love story.

I've known Karen Audant for a decade. When Karen feels the need for a spiritual boost, she often looks for it outdoors. Way outdoors: Patagonia soon. She reminds me that God must be pretty big to fill up all of that.

Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrud Undset is a trilogy set in 14th Century Norway, published in the 1920's. The books describe Kristin's spiritual and physical journey from childhood to death. Sigrid Undset won the 1928 Nobel prize for literature, mostly for these works (it's a wonder my nightstand can support the weight of such things). With that kind of pedigree, you might imagine they'd be a rewarding read. They are!

This month so much is happening that there's almost too much to tell. On October 13, I'll be appearing on WMET-AM to talk about the Future with Hope Conference; then the conference itself is on October 21-22 in Falls Church; then on October 29, I'm head majorette for my parish's All Saints' Day Parade. No, no I'm not, but I will deliver some opening remarks.

Read about all of it in the newsletter.

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Last month in Sisters & Friends:

I have a new book coming out! It might be titled, Finding Your Woman of Worth, but we'll know for sure in about six months when Twenty-Third Publications expects the manuscript. Read more in the newsletter.

You'll also find more about those male / female saint / blessed collaborations I was on about last month.

Kathy Hofer is this month's Friend in Faith. Even when projects blow up to twice their expected size, Kathy listens to the Lord and keeps on truckin' (does anyone still say 'keep on truckin'? Whether they say it or not, Kathy still does it.)

Super Girls and Heroes sits on my nightstand. Heroines of literature and saints of the faith have more in common than you might imagine. I'm not saying that capes and habits are interchangeable, but then again I'm not saying they're not, either. Author and friend Maria Morera Johnson is offering a giveaway in conjunction with the launching of this new book. Read up on it in the newsletter.

This month I'm working toward the next Future of Hope conference for Catholic women of a certain age, and I'm revisiting the Holy Cross Abbey retreat center. There's work to do for editing clients and on a reflection for the Women in the New Evangelization. I'll be where the Lord wants me, doing work the Lord wants me to do --what could make September better?







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