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My newsletter is Sisters and Friends: Refresh Your Soul with Melanie Rigney, and you can read about the latest issue, download it, or subscribe from this page. Each month, I'll share something about a Catholic saint and woman living today who will inspire you, spiritual resources, and a brief note of where I'll be in the coming month.


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This month in Sisters & Friends:

Eclipses have meant many things to many people, and I hope the one this month means much to you. To me, nothing says "God's in charge," like watching Him snuff out the Sun and bring it back (it's cosmic allegory, writ very large). If you, too, are in a part of the country where the eclipse isn't total, get your God-glasses on, and enjoy the show. If you are in the path of totality, prepare to be gobsmacked. Please tell me all about it.

I write a lot about women saints, but saints sometimes come in pairs and sometimes half of the pair is a man. I'm looking forward to spending some time writing about saintly pairings. I'll get started with a power couple: Saints Cunegund and Henry II, empress and emporer of the Holy Roman Empire.

Rose Folsom is a friend in faith. Perky and busy and engaged and engaging, Rose writes the Virtue Connection where her posts and their titles affirm that our deficiencies, shortcomings, quirks and foibles do not disqualify us from the love of the Lord. Maybe He even finds them endearing. We trust, we hope, we believe, and we carry on.

Melissa Overmyer's Born to Soar: Unleashing God's Word in Your Life has landed on my nightstand. It turns out that Melissa is my neighbor on the physical plane as well as the spiritual (she lives not far away here in D.C.), and we're involved in some of the same activities and programs, none more so than in allowing the Lord to transform us as He desires.

All this and more! Friends, baseball, and finishing a novel. August is shaping right up.

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Last month in Sisters & Friends:

Have a look out my window on the quiet fields of Holy Cross Abbey where I spent a few days in prayer, reading, editing, and contemplation of the road ahead, whatever sort it may be -- and enjoying God's peace.

Joan Sheppard is my friend in faith this month. Joan exchanged a secure and successful career in contracts and finance for a rather less predictable life serving parishes in a variety of roles. Why? Because that's what she believes God asked her to do. That's quite an example to contemplate if you think you might be feeling God's prodding to do something that you're not already doing.

Lonni Collins Pratt's Radical Hospitality: Benedict's Way of Love has found a resting place on my nightstand where it challenges me to think about what it means to offer hospitality to others, especially to others who are other.

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