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I’m an experienced media professional, starting with my first job out of college as a legislative reporter for a radio station. Television, radio, and newspaper reporters frequently interviewed me about marketing trends and issues while I was managing editor of Advertising Age magazine and then on publishing topics during my time as Writer’s Digest editor. 

Numerous Catholic media outlets have hosted me for programs about the women saints and about ministering to returning Catholics. (Check out some of those interviews there on the right.)

Contact me if you’d like to schedule an interview. I’m succinct, engaging… and always happy to help.

Watch Melanie on "Lift High the Cross"

Print Interview:

The Arlington (Va.) Catholic Herald
interviews Melanie
about Sisterhood of Saints.

News Story from the
Atlanta Archdiocesan Council of
Catholic Women

Who's your confirmation saint?

Listen to Melanie share the story of her selection... and how it turned out God had inspired her after all.





Melanie chats about Blessed Are You
with Jerry Klein on "Catholic Views," a
weekly radio show from the Diocese of
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Interview begins at 7:48.

Melanie's story of faith lost
and regained on
Catholic Vitamins U for Unabated!

Listen to Melanie, Julie Reyna, and
Nan Balfour talk about the saints on
Pilgrim Center of Hope radio.

Melanie’s interviews
on Relevant Radio:

On Call with Wendy Wiese

Morning Air with Sean Herriott
segment begins at 30:25 and concludes at 40:00

The Rediscover Hour with Jeff Cavins
Melanie & the WINE Book Club
The WINE Club @ 12:30
Melanie's segment @ 35:05

Melanie's interview on
Real Life Radio,
Lexington, KY

segment begins @ 7:32

Melanie and Pat Gohn talk on:
Among Women

Jerry Klein interviews Melanie on:
Diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota's
Catholic Views

Project Rachel founder Vicki Thorn
and Melanie talk about "away" Catholics
and the female saints and blesseds on:

Outside the Box

Breadbox Media's
interview with Melanie

WINE Online Interview with Melanie


A Sample Presentation

Melanie's "Feed His Sheep" webinar
presentation, aimed at helping parish
leaders reach out to "away" Catholics,
for Paulist Evangelization Ministries.


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