On the Nightstand: Be the Gift

by Melanie on December 1, 2017

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I had lunch recently with a friend, and as usual, my mind wandered off to all the things I had to get done that afternoon. Then she asked with a bright smile, “Have you prayed yet today? Can we pray together now?” Wham! And so we did, for about an hour, going through the day’s readings and a couple of meditations along with some personal sharing. What I’m remembering about that day is not how much I got done, but how holy that time was.
Thinking of that led me to Ann Voskamp’s Be the Gift: Let Your Broken Be Turned into Abundance, which will be my spiritual reading this month. It’s about the way we bless others regardless of how broken we are. My friend’s invitation was one of the greatest gifts I received last month, and it cost her nothing but time and the bravery to ask me to slow down. I’m hoping Voskamp’s book will help me to remember to offer that gift to others.
What’s on your nightstand?

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Rose January 3, 2018 at 4:34 pm

I just finished “Come Be My Light” — about Mother Teresa’s dark journey of love. The book’s been out for a decade; I’m glad I finally read it! It’s filled with her letters to her spiritual directors and her sisters, woven into a narrative by one of the Missionary of Charity priests who knew her well. It’s a great lesson on what it is to hew to Jesus alone, regardless of spiritual, emotional, or physical feelings. It’s deepened my spiritual life and I highly recommend it.

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