Wednesday’s Woman: Blessed Marie Louise Trichet

by Melanie on November 8, 2017

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The Basics: Born May 7, 1684, in France; died April 28, 1759, in France; beatified May 16, 1993, by John Paul II; feast day, May 7. Woman religious.

The Story: When saints collide, holiness results.

Marie Louise was the fourth of eight children, born in Poitiers, France. She was seventeen when Louis de Montfort arrived in town just a year into his priesthood, and his responsibilities included for a time the chaplaincy of the local hospital. Marie Louise began helping out as a volunteer, and two years later, Montfort asked her to assist full time with ministering to the sick and the poor, though he had no means of paying her. As might be expected, this did not sit well with her parents, but Marie Louise said yes anyway. The beginnings of the Daughter of Wisdom community were under way

She continued to serve at the hospital, including a time as the facility’s leader, after Montfort was sent to the city of La Rochelle.

Then, in 1715, Marie Louise and a companion moved to 1715 to La Rochelle at the local bishop’s request to open a religious school. Montfort died the following year, and Marie Louise soldiered on, eventually setting up the community’s motherhouse in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sevre, and living among the elderly, orphans and those with disabilities whom they serve.

Marie Louise died on the forty-third anniversary of Montfort’s death, in the same city. Their tombs are adjacent.

Marie Louise’s Wisdom: “Let us nourish our souls with the truths of faith without aspiring to visions or other extraordinary means that may lead us away from pure faith. Pure faith is the sure way to avoid falling prey to illusions.”

What We Can Learn from Marie Louise: Marie Louise was practical, a doer, someone who helped Montfort immensely in the establishment of the Daughters of Wisdom and supporting his work. She was tactical where he was a visionary. Their skills complemented each other in the service of the Lord. They remind us to appreciate the gifts of others, and how working together, we can bring souls to the kingdom.

To Learn More About Marie Louise: Visit the Daughters of Wisdom’s history page, or read about her in Jesus Living in Mary: The Handbook of the Spirituality of St. Louis de Montfort.

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