Flickering Light

by Melanie on June 13, 2017

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The idea of Jesus as the light of the world—as Christians, we get that. Before Him, there was hope and faith amid darkness for generations. And then, with the resurrection, that hope was realized, through God’s grace.

And wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all reflected our confidence in that grace all the time, to those who know and believe and to those who have heard and don’t believe and to those who don’t know or understand the Good News?

But it’s all too easy to dim that light that shines within us. Let me give you an example. A colleague, raised Catholic, took his wife who grew up in a different faith tradition and their teenagers to a popular musical. He knew I had tickets for a later date, and so he shared with me his thoughts about the singing, acting, and staging. I asked what the kids thought. He laughed. “They didn’t really understand it because, well, we’ve raised them as heathens and so they don’t know the Jesus story.”

I thought about asking how they can appreciate art or music or literature or world history if they don’t know “the Jesus story,” whether or not they believe. I thought about suggesting that since they live less than five blocks from my parish, they should come to Mass with me sometime, maybe during Holy Week.

Yes, I thought about saying these things. But all I did was nod and return to asking about the production. My light flickered and went out in what could have been an ideal opportunity to evangelize in a relatively same environment with a colleague I like and respect.

I doubt my experience is unusual. It’s a lot easier to talk about “the Jesus story” in our safe little cocoons with fellow believers. But He didn’t say to shine that light only among those who think like us but to “all in the house.” Let’s pray for the faith and trust to do so with every opportunity that presents itself.


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