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Resources I Love

Please note this is by no means a complete list of people and places I turn to. This is simply a bit of a look inside my head if you want to know who and what inspires me.

There are many fine places you can go for more scholarly Christian (and, specifically Catholic) insights. This is not an attempt to replicate those lists.

People Who Make Me Think

  • Pat Gohn’s Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious rocked my world in showing me that we all are mothers, natural or spiritual. We’ve become friends (she wrote the foreword to Blessed Are You: Finding Inspiration from Our Sisters in Faith), and I learn so much from her take on women, the world, and faith.

  • Virelle Kidder prayed over me the night of my forty-ninth birthday when we were roommates/instructors at a Christian writers’ conference and I confessed to her I hadn’t had a relationship with the Lord for decades. Six months later I was back in full communion with the Catholic Church. Virelle’s compassionate and no-nonsense way of reflecting her love of the Lord via her evangelical Christian faith in her relationships and her writing inspires me.

  • Pam Spano, aka Being Catholic ... Really, has a unique talent for combining the perfect images with her pithy, excellent blogs. It’s no wonder she’s among the top bloggers in the Chicagoland area.

  • Letitia Suk invited me to experience Christ on more than one occasion while I was living in the Chicago area. I said no, but she stayed my friend. Her message through her writing and speaking is all about God’s renewal and restoration for women.

  • Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble, like me, left the Catholic Church for a time. When she returned, she found a vocation as a sister and author. Her reasoned, gentle, loving approach to the Lord’s people may challenge your pre-set ideas.

  • Allison Gingras is always bubbling over with energy and love of the Lord. Her podcast, “A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras,” provides much food for thought and contemplation.


People Who Make Me Laugh

  • Patricia Lorenz likes to wear goofy glasses and a cheesehead and play practical jokes. She’s an American original… and a good friend. You may know her as a longtime contributor to Guideposts’ annual daily devotions publication and the popular Chicken Soup series, not to mention her books, including the latest: 57 Steps to Paradise: Finding Love in Midlife and Beyond.

  • Linda M. Au finds something funny about just about everything in her life, whether it’s the squirrels that have in essence become her pets; her husband, who works at a nuclear plant; her grown children; and, most frequently, herself. She’s also a heck of a proofreader!


  • My relationship with Capital Christian Writers goes back to my days as Writer’s Digest editor, long before I moved to the DC area. CCW is a terrific group of Spirit-filled Northern Virginia folks writing in all genres.

  • The Eastern Shore Writers’ Association is a wonderful organization that promotes the literary arts and writers across the Delmarva Peninsula and Maryland’s Eastern Shore (and a few like me who live a bit farther west).  ESWA’s a busy bunch of folks, holding the annual Bay to Ocean Writers Conference and publishing the Delmarva Review literary journal among other projects.

  • The Catholic Writers’ Guild is a good place for Catholic writers, traditionally or self-published, best seller or newbie.

  • I’m also a member of the National Council of Catholic Women, which offers terrific spirituality, leadership, and service opportunities and resources (and which holds an awesome conference each year).

  • I felt like I arrived as a writer when The Authors Guild, which advocates for writers’ rights, accepted my application as a member.

  • In 2005 when I was considering a return to the Catholic Church, the Paulists’ Landings course, which was being offered at a nearby parish, gave me the courage to give it a try. I’m grateful to Landings International for the many collaborations the organization and I have had since then.


  • Franciscan Media is the publisher of Sisterhood of Saints: Daily Guidance and Inspiration and Blessed Are You: Finding Inspiration from Our Sisters in Faith. Franciscan also publishes St. Anthony Messenger, and I’m grateful to be part of the stable of authors.

  • Twenty-Third Publications published When They Come Home: Ways to Welcome Returning Catholics, a book for parish leaders and staff I wrote with my friend Anna LaNave. Twenty-Third is part of Bayard, which also owns Living Faith, the large Catholic devotions publication for which I’ve been writing for several years.

  • The first devotions I ever wrote were for my friend TonyD’s Your Daily Tripod. You’ll still find me there one weekday each week, and the occasional Sunday.

  • Recently, I became an occasional contributor to the blog for Women in the New Evanglization, which aims to inspire, support, and nurture Catholic women in the faith.

  • I’ve also written articles for Viva Mercy, Catholic Update, and Catholic Digest.

People Who Help Me

  • David Cortner has been with me on this writing odyssey since it started, building my web site, posting the monthly newsletter (and writing the cool copy that goes with the post), and generally answering my uninformed questions in a gentle, kind way. David’s also a super photographer, and has the good fortune to be married to Amy, who along with me occasionally reminds him it’s time to bill me.

  • LinDee Rochelle schedules my Twitter and SlideShare posts and lets me know when I’ve got myself in two different locations at the same time. Not that I generally can do anything about it, of course, but it’s good to know. She’s also an author and an excellent editor if you’re in the market for the latter.

  • Like David Cortner, Eric Jon Job (they also happen to be friends) is a marvelous photographer. Another of Eric’s skills is on display here; he built the searchable saints database that’s so simple on the backend that even I can update it.

  • Whitney Hopler has helped me out with research on many occasions and also occasionally interviews women faith writers for my


























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