Embrace Every Possibility

by Melanie on November 25, 2017

in Affirmations, Friendship, Going 60 MPH, Memoir, Nonfiction

An occasional series based on stuff that hangs in my room… or my heart.

A friend of mine is fond of encouraging people never to turn down an opportunity unless it’s immoral or illegal. That philosophy has taken her to foreign countries on the spur of a moment, a geographic relocation, a very happy marriage, and more.

As for me, well, I’m a planner. While it doesn’t take me long to make a decision about anything, I do like to have some data first so I can do the tradeoff analysis of what I’m going to have to delay if I say yes to impulsiveness. If you push me to decide before I have a chance to do that, you’re generally going to get a no.

At least on the surface, I’m a lot more cautious than my friend. And it occurs to me I don’t laugh as often or as fully as she or others I know do. I tell people it’s because I’m missing the humor gene. But maybe what I’m missing is the blessing to, as one of our mutual friends says, “open your arms to the gifts of the day.”

I think I feel a new year’s resolution coming on.


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