Michele Huey and I met in 2005 at a writers’ conference in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Michele, an evangelical Christian, seemed to do everything right: She was (and is) a wonderful wife and mother and a terrific writer. She’s an award-winning columnist, and also had a radio show for ten years.

I was excited (and a little worried) when we ended up in an online writers’ group together. But I needn’t have worried. Michele is a pro, that’s for sure… but she gives it all to the Lord, all the time. For example, she’s been the lay speaker/pastor at a small congregation for three years, a ministry she loves but I know can be time consuming. She was the same way in our group, providing gentle corrections and thoughts for improvement, but also giving big atta-girls when someone shared a particularly well-written chapter.

Michele recently had a major computer problem just as she was preparing to reissue her novel The Heart Remembers. But after an initial cry, she was right back at it, getting up before dawn to recreate all the work she had lost. Then it was off to her grandson’s baseball game.

In our writers’ group, Michele was known as Sweetie, because she is a sweetie. To the Lord, I’m thinking she’s known as Beloved Daughter… and her faith and trust show me how to persevere when evil attempts to do its thing.

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