Friends in Faith: Allison Gingras

by Melanie on March 1, 2017

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Allison Gingras seems to be everywhere, all the time. She has a wonderful radio show, A Seeking Heart. She blogs. She leads retreats. She’s facilitating an online Lenten book club. She allisonandmeloves and cares for her family. Allison never stops seeking… or giving… and does it all with a beautiful, loving heart.

I can’t even remember where we first encountered each other virtually, but one of our connection points has always been our mutual draw to spend time with Jesus in adoration chapels. Small wonder, then, when we both were at the Women in the New Evangelization (WINE) conference in suburban Minneapolis last weekend, without any preplanning, we found ourselves alone together in a small prayer space in front of a tabernacle!

Allison reminds me that to give to the depth we’re called, we also must keep our own souls full by prioritizing quiet time with God.

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